remembering yourself // undoing busy-ness & choosing vision in a pandemic and beyond

Learn how to change your mind and transform your life from the inside out. Break the chains of your oldest patterns by mastering your mindset in 6 weeks.

Cycle I ~ Caring for Yourself in Relationship with an Addict
(begins 11/13)

Yes, I'm ready.


  • find yourself stuck in an endless loop of unsatisfying relationships? and you just can't lower your bar any further without losing respect for yourself? guh.
  • feel like you've tried so many different things to change things up in your relationships and nothing seems to stick ⏤ back in the old pattern within 6 months? or even less?
  • at this point, question whether you can even have healthy, reciprocal, loving relationships? like what even are those?
  • fantasize about when you get to the "other side" of this cycle you feel so stuck in, imagining how much better everything will be once you're "over there" (and in your new relationship)?

it's time to get to the root of your painful relationship patterns so you can have the love you desire (and deserve).

good news don't have to do this alone.


  • having real clarity about what you want in your relationships and the confidence that you have everything you need to call them in
  • understanding your past with a new lens of awareness and self-compassion so you can finally release the old, painful stories you've been unconsciously telling yourself about yourself
  • making peace with the painful relationships of your past and (gasp!) learning to be your own beloved ideal partner!
  • learning the next level of self-love so you can cultivate more love, passion, and sensuality in your life

what would be possible if you chose to reclaim your agency,
become your own beloved, and cultivate the relationships you've
been dreaming about for so long?

um, everything.

it's time to get to the root of your painful relationship patterns so you can have the love you desire (and deserve).

good news don't have to do this alone.


(I hear this all the time, y'all)

"i HATE TO ADMIT IT, BUT I guess I just don't really trust myself..."



  • Having the ability to call in a wildly fulfilling dream of yours and design your entire (yes, entire) life around it.
  • Knowing that if an unexpected life crisis happened, you'd confidently make decisions stemming from your deepest values.
  • Finally getting free from fear of not doing it right, and WAY more courage to be in aligned action.
  • Taking ownership over your decisions, actions, and releasing stuckness from supporting other people's dreams over your own.
  • Slowing down and still being wildly productive. But without the sacrifice, martyrdom, or victimhood...feeling the grace & ease.


On some level, you know it's time. But because you are stuck in the relentless pattern of questioning your thoughts, feelings, and actions you keep asking yourself...

"What if the parts of my life where I don't want change end up changing? What if I find out that I don’t want my partner/job...the things that already feel clear?"

"What if me changing hurts others — people I care about?"

"What happens if it doesn’t work for me? What if I just can’t get unstuck and can't change?"

"What if I make the wrong choice? Or the timing's bad? Will I be on the wrong track forever??"

"I have major money fears, so what if I spend the money (and the time) and I'm still confused?"

"What if what I want isn't even possible?"

I know that the journey to clarity on your biggest life decisions can be overwhelming. In a time when confusion is a given, guidance, structure, and proven tools of transformation are critical to get you to CLARITY.

This is exactly why I've FINALLY created this deeply transformative course (years in the making!)...


A healing journey to making your biggest life decisions

  • Name
    Kara Yanagida / light worker - I'm finally giving myself permission to really shape my own path, and to let what needs to rise to the surface, truly manifest, instead of my normal inclination to just jump for whatever pops up first. I'm holding space for myself and committing to myself in an entirely new way, and part of that has been an incredible resurgence of faith in my true self to survive all of the fear and doubt and confusion, and come out even brighter and more full of life on the other side. I feel so much more confident in being able to trust myself now and as I move forward!
  • Name
    Martha Morrison / dancer & entrepreneur - Dana is a compassionate coach who is relentless in helping others find their own clarity. She helped excavate some beliefs that have been holding me back for years and she did so in a way that was empowering because she asked me questions until I heard my own words. Not only was my inner truth revealed to me, but through this process I am re-building my intuition and learning how to hear myself again.

    This course has changed my life and I am confident that I can move towards my big vision with clarity. But the best part? Now I have the tools to actually ENJOY my journey.
  • Name
    Tiffany Calhoun / entrepreneur - My big decisions, at the beginning of the course, created a large fog over my life. In general, my life was good. But, I knew I wasn’t operating at the highest level and that I needed more clarity. The big questions I wanted to get clear don’t seem overwhelming anymore. This is a program that I for see myself using for years ahead as I grow and my life changes. Dana is such a beautiful supportive teacher! The program was monumental in moving stagnant blocks in my life.


  • You don't have a vision — or if you do, you're not sure how to get there.
  • You're so stuck in the life-sucking compare and despair spin cycle.
  • Confusion is your new normal.
  • You can't discern between the voices in your head — one is saying to do this, the other is saying something totally different. Which to trust?
  • You're so stuck in painful, unconscious patterns and feel as if you can't find your way out.


  • You understand your deepest held values and desires at a new level.
  • You know how to take real steps forward to design your life around those values.
  • You know how to distinguish between your ego and your inner guide (those battling voices in your head/heart).
  • All that unconscious gunk is being cleared know how to slow down, tune in, and do the inner work.
  • Your sense of purpose is so much clearer. Self-trust is becoming your natural way of being.

how the journey will unfold...

This is a snapshot of the curriculum. I do like to leave room to intuitively respond to what the group needs most.

MODULE 1 // (Re)Connecting With Your Inner Guide

In weeks 1-3, I will guide you through various practices, total framework shifts, and teach you practical/magical tools to prep your soil for the deep dig. You'll learn how to:

  • Truly hold space for yourself and your journey
  • Redesign your relationship to confusion, vulnerability, and that big life change you're callin' in
  • Slow down (so you can hear yourself) without sacrificing your productivity or ambition
  • Discern between the fighting voices in your head & heart
  • Ground and come back to planet earth (when you spin out)
  • Get out of that nasty "ask/listen" loop and to trust your own intuition and act on that inner wisdom!

MODULE 2 // Mindset & Manifestation

In weeks 4-7, I will guide you through various practices, total framework shifts, and teach you practical/magical tools to prep your soil for the deep dig. You'll learn how to:

  • Understand how you got here, into whatever pattern is sticking you
  • Peel the layers back and get to the root of your most painful patterns
  • Yank that root up from the source
  • Plant new seeds aligned with the truth of you really are
  • Learn the non-BS principles and practices behind manifestation and working with the energy of your mind
  • And gain clarity on your truth, your deepest held values, so you can design your life around them

MODULE 3 // Learning to Love Up Your Emotions

In weeks 8-10, I will guide you through various practices, total framework shifts, and teach you practical/magical tools to prep your soil for the deep dig. You'll learn how to:

  • Honor your emotions as valuable sources of divine information
  • Stop running away, resisting, denying your emotional experiences
  • Begin trusting your current emotional experiences and find new reverence for your past
  • Discern between the fighting voices in your head & heart
  • Release and let go of emotional wounds that are keeping you small
  • Heal your deepest emotional triggers (for the long haul)

MODULE 4 // Integration

In weeks 8-10, I will guide you through various practices, total framework shifts, and teach you practical/magical tools to prep your soil for the deep dig. You'll learn how to:


My greatest growth has always come from rich support on individual and collective levels and in programs where there was a balance of direct guidance, accountability, community, and work at my own pace. Here are the details of the sacred container of support that I've designed for you.

Live Group Calls

You’ll have a chance to ask me your biggest burning questions during our bi-monthly live calls in the group. If you can't make a call, you can presubmit questions. If you miss a call, replays are always sent out within 24 hours!

Private Class Forum

You’ll be supported by a peer community inside a private forum/group where you can share questions, insights, wins, and irl struggles. You're not alone on your path, beloved.


You'll receive a weekly check-in email with additional guidance and support around the program. Every lesson is accompanied by homework assignments (I'm big on homework...I mean, you are your home! Who else gon' do the work?).

Just to be clear this is NOT a 1:1 coaching program. Yes, I believe in the power of individualized attention (and I'll do my best to support your journey in all the ways I can)...and the collective wisdom and compassion of the group is wildly TRANSFORMATIVE. In all of this you'll find your own rhythm.

  • Name
    Rohini Walker / writer + creator of Luna Arcana - I'm no newcomer to focused spiritual and emotional work and healing practices; but despite my years of experience, I had been feeling pretty consistently 'stuck' and 'blocked' for a while. I was ready to roll my sleeves up and get down to some intense inner work but I was feeling overwhelmed, confused and bewildered about where to begin.

    The insight, presence and authentic love with which Dana has facilitated and guided me into making the deep, deep shifts I have experienced over the months working with her leaves my heart singing with gratitude.
  • Name
    Luke Simon / healer - The work I did with Dana was an exploratory deep dive into my innermost self in such a beautiful way that allowed me to honestly see myself in a nonjudgmental way for the first time in my life.

    By the time we had completed our work together I had found a greater sense of self and a true connected partnership with the universe.


Do the work from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you are connected to the interwebs! The program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal. And you'll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your time. Of course, I'll be there along the way to midwife you through and keep up momentum with our bi-weekly group check-ins and in the facebook group.


1, 2, 3 ... GO!


    You’ll sign up (yay!), pick your payment plan (you’re worth it), and get all the course sign-in info sent to you via your Welcome Email within minutes!


    Your Welcome Email gives you access to the whole platform and all the available course materials. You’ll start with the Welcome Module and go from there!

  • 3 // YOU DO THE WERK

    Weekly emails will midwife you through the course and your healing journey along with 2 live group coaching calls per month. There are several avenues of support, and then the rest is up to you!


  • You feel stagnant in your healing process. You’ve been doing the work but know there are deeper levels you need some guidance to access.
  • You’re aware of the many thought/emotional/behavioral patterns you have and you’re ready to move that awareness into ACTION.
  • You are tired of doing it alone and are craving support in your healing. (Or you're realizing your current support system needs an upgrade.)
  • You know it's time to release old programs and limiting beliefs from your consciousness.
  • You want to understand and communicate your emotions clearly, without shame or guilt.
  • You feel curious, open, and willing to show up for yourself and your transformation.
  • You desire the support of a community who is likewise tuned into growth and healing.


  • You're looking for a quick fix. This is more a "become the awesome truth of who you really are over time" approach to healing.
  • You hope to learn/grow by osmosis. This program is not will require you to show up.
  • If you're honest with yourself, you have zero intention of slowing down. Inner work requires it. You def don't have to stop your life, but you will have to get more still to hear yourself.
  • You aren’t ready to take responsibility for what you're creating. You gotta stop the blame game & giving your power away.
  • You need a high level of individual support.

Beloved, it's so ok if this isn't for you. It doesn't mean you're not on your path. It means that you're choosing something else right now — so make sure you fully understand that choice and that it's yours (not someone else's choice for you).


Clarity isn't something you trip over and it doesn't fall out of the sky (if it does, it's likely someone else's clarity/ keep your eyes open, sugar). It has to be cultivated. You have to MAKE ROOM for it. You have to believe it's possible. You have to believe that you deserve it.

There's likely a handful of things keeping you from the clear vision and fulfilling life you most desire. I've made it my business — literally, it's why I'm here on the planet — to support you on this journey.

When you heal the earth heals. We have work to do. Are you ready, my love? I am.

  • Name
    Life Escobar / storyteller, filmmaker, photographer - Dana helped me re-discover my light and with her I went on a radial journey of learning to love myself once again. Dana lovingly helped me re-write my story of who I am. She helped me see the stories that had unconsciously been running the show of my life for 20 years.

    I can now say that I deeply believe in my own worth, my power, and my capacity to create change, both for myself and for the world. Dana is the real deal, doing transformative healing work that our world needs.
  • Name
    Kalisa Augustine / energy artist - It was time for the next chapter of my life and I could not afford to be blindsided by my own sneaky, self sabotage. I wanted to hold myself accountable, and bring to light any issues hindering my ability to manifest. Working with Dana provided illumination.

    I was able to confront deeply held beliefs, in all areas of my life, that were holding me back. During that time my personal transformation was exponential, and I would recommend it to others ready to take on their own lives.


How much time do I need to set aside for the course?

You can take this course at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the materials (as long as the course is up and runnin’)! However, if you want to take advantage of the 3 months of guided coaching, I recommend devoting at least 3 hours per week to the course. This includes the suggested daily practices.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yep! I offer a 100% money back guarantee. I ask that you complete a specific amount of the course homework and send it to me. If after doing this work you are dissatisfied with the materials in any way, or you find that it’s not the right time, we will refund you. You have 30 days from when registration closes to request a refund. Full details are in the refund link at the bottom of this page.

How do you support students as they work through the content?

I offer six live Q&As during the 3-month course. These rich Q&As are your time to get individualized attention and group coaching. And in addition to that, I show up in the private facebook group to answer questions, give thought-provoking prompts, go live as I’m inspired to share, and giving you even more opportunities to connect and move through whatever is coming up. There’s also the option to upgrade to 2 additional 60-min private coaching sessions (which here, is less than the cost of 1 private coaching session with me).

How long do I have access to the course?

You have access to the course for the life of the program as long as it’s up and running! That means that you can retake the course with me whenever I offer it, and have access to any updated material that I include.

Can I go at my own pace with the work?

100%. You can absolutely go at your own pace with this program. You have access to the courses and materials (worksheets, guided meditations, etc) in the student portal. Every life group coaching will be recorded and posted the next day they happen in the student portal.  If you can’t make it to all or any of the groups, you’ll be able to get that potent engagement through the replay — I’ve had many students tell me how beneficial it’s been to make time and rewatch the group coaching time.

Extra integration time may be needed to process the shifts and transformative guidance of this course. It’s different for everyone. You can skip a week and come back when you’re feeling ready. You can buy the course and come back to it when you are ready and have the time and space for it (forever access won’t always be a bonus!). Or you can join every week — whatever feels right to you. I’ll keep up momentum with a suggested pace, but you’ll find your groove.

Do I need any special kind of tools/software/apps/technology to participate?

Nerp! Just access to the internets. And a journal that you can carry around with you to write in and something to write with. I’ll host the live group coaching calls in Zoom — a free, web-based video platform — where you’ll just have to click on the link I send you to join. And every replay will be in the student portal. Easy peasy.

I won’t be able to attend all the sessions live/I don't use facebook, will I miss out on anything?

All good. All the live group coaching calls will be recorded and posted in the student portal for you to access at your convenience. Of course, there’s magic in joining live but you will absolutely be able to feel the container of group support even if you are experiencing the videos at a later time. And you can pre-submit questions to me so I can answer and you can get the teachings when you watch the replay. As for facebook — it’s an additional support tool, but not a critical part of the program.

What is the schedule for this program?

You’ll receive 12 weeks of email guidance midwifing you through the course at a suggested pace. You have lifetime access and can return again and again to any part of the work. Our LIVE group Q&As are currently alternating Sundays at 9:30am PT. Replays are always available within 24 hours.

Dana, I’ve been working on myself and have tried what feels like damn-near everything. How do I know this will work for me??

This work is unique and it will go DEEP if you let it. If you show up, do all the work, and engage with the weekly homework assignments and daily practices, you will receive exactly what you need from this. The extent and amount of the change (and clarity) you receive totally depends on your willingness, availability, and presence. This work works if you work it.

What if I have another question that isn't here?

No problemo! Just email me at and ask away! I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



I help people like you, ever-evolving souls looking for clarity, confidence, and courage, so they can live a life of purpose and deep connection.

Years ago (*cough*eleven*cough*), I was burnt out and confused about how to align my life with what was most important to me, until I started slowing down and listening to my soul, my body, my truth.

I asked the universe for support and received it in the form of amazing humxns (Rha Goddess & JLove Calderon, David Gershon & Gail Straub just to name a few) who taught me (and held me through) the transformational work I now teach.

Now I live in the beautiful California desert where I get to be warm (key soul desire), do the work I'm here on the planet to do, surrounded by rich, loving relationships, and all with ease and grace.

I can’t wait to help you do it too (the whole connect-with-your-soul thing...not the crazy-desert-living thing...I mean, unless that's the dream!).

  • Name
    Betsy Devine / Entrepreneur - I approached Dana as a business owner in crisis: “I have no idea what I am doing”… “I am not sure this is what I should be doing"...

    There is the way I saw the world and myself before Dana, and then there is now. The change is gracefully subtle, compassionate, and full of groundbreaking spirit – just like her. The work for me was a perfect combination of mind-bending big ideas and the small steps we can take to move towards them. This is life changing work, and Dana is an exceptional and rare spirit guide. I often wonder if a person has had a more profound impact on my life.
  • Name
    Dusty Diekman / Operations Director - I found Dana at a time when I desperately needed help breaking unhealthy relationship patterns and refocusing on personal growth. Her ability to facilitate meaningful self-discovery and inspire authentic, positive change is nothing short of magnificent.

    I went in frantically looking for help and walked away calmly with healthy personal boundaries, unfettered confidence in my abilities, and a new, genuine love for my mind, body and soul.

Any Q's I haven't covered? Drop me a line and I'll get right back to you!