READY TO get clear about your life?

Then You Gotta Slow The Eff Down

If you're trying to make a big life decision — or just stop the crazy
life swirl so you can think straight — use this free training & guided meditation to get to total clarity.

Plus, you get a Slow The Eff Down Guide (a snazzy pdf) to support your sweet, slowdown practice.

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True clarity comes from slowing down

Don't you just feel like everything is moving so damn fast? You're giving your all to keep up with the swirl, but you still feel frazzled, ungrounded, confused, and totally overwhelmed? Clarity, direction, and purpose feel just out of your reach no matter what you do or who you talk to?

I feel you! This is the effed up rhythm of our times, and you my friend, are not alone.

You want to navigate your life with a sense of clarity, ease, grace, feeling grounded in your power, and trusting yourself to make the right decisions...AMIRIGHT?

Welp, I made this guided meditation and training to help you do exactly that. Because true clarity comes from (you guessed it) slowing the eff down.

oh, hey!


I'm a transformation coach/teacher/healer and I help people like you, ever-evolving souls looking for clarity, confidence, and courage, so you can live a life of purpose and deep connection.

Years ago (*cough*eleven*cough*), I was burnt out and confused about how to align my life with what was most important to me, until I started slowing the eff down and listening to my soul, my body, my truth.

Now I live in the beautiful California desert where I get to be warm (key soul desire), do the work I'm here on the planet to do, surrounded by rich, loving relationships, and all with ease and grace.

I can’t wait to help you do it too (the whole slow-down-connect-with-your-soul thing...not the crazy-desert-living thing...I mean, unless that's the dream!).

get it now.


(you receive a free training, delicious grounding meditation, guided visualization AND downloadable practice guide to use FOREVER to connect with your inner guidance!)

A new group program is in the works! More info coming soon...stay tuned, beloveds!