invoking yourself // undo busy-ness & turn to vision (in a pandemic and beyond)

a 2-hour live class with transformational coach & guide, dana balicki

Thursday May 28 @ 4-6PM PT / 7-9PM ET // exchange ~ $37

20% of proceeds will go to navajo & hopi families covid-19 relief fund (they're closing in on their goal!)

To invoke is to call in, to summon. To invoke yourself is to call yourself back from who you've been taught to be and summon the truth of who you really are.

Join transformational coach, teacher, and guide, Dana Balicki, in this rich 2-hour live workshop exploring and shifting your relationships to busy-ness & vision.

We'll use the lens of the pandemic to take an honest look at our hustle programming (aka hyper-productivity, self-sufficiency to a fault, over-achieving) that keeps each of us so busy we struggle for clarity about our own lives.

And as for vision, our over-culture is focused on doing & having, and missing a key component of vision that causes most of us to get lost in to-do lists, perfectionism, over-doing, and more. We'll explore that missing piece together in class!

Let's undo the busy-ness and learn how truly turn toward our own visions...and then design our beautiful lives around them.

Let's not just go back to how things were, but create something truly vital to move into.

While we'll do some deep inner work, we'll also honor the energy of practical magic. You'll leave the workshop with a clearer sense of what's been holding you back, how to approach those blocks, a compelling next-level vision, and practices to support you designing your life around it.


  • examining your own relationship to hustle and busy-ness (in the "before times" and now)
  • how to stay grounded and keep out of other people's swirls
  • exploring roadblocks to your vision
  • how to take up the space you need to consistently cultivate clarity & vision
  • identifying next steps + practices to support those steps


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please note: no refunds, my dear.



I help people like you, ever-evolving souls looking for clarity, confidence, and courage, so they can live a life of purpose and deep connection.

Years ago (*cough*twelve*cough*), I was burnt out and confused about how to align my life with what was most important to me, until I started slowing down and listening to my soul, my body, my truth.

I asked the universe for support and received it in the form of amazing humxns (Rha Goddess & JLove Calderon, David Gershon & Gail Straub just to name a few) who taught me (and held me through) the transformational work I now teach.

Now I live in the beautiful California desert where I get to be warm (key soul desire), do the work I'm here on the planet to do, surrounded by rich, loving relationships, and all with ease and grace.

I can’t wait to help you do it too (the whole connect-with-your-soul thing...not the crazy-desert-living thing...I mean, unless that's the dream!).