Learn how to care for yourself while in a relationship with an addict. Break the chains of your painful patterns by lending to your own truth.

This 7-week healing journey into your sweet soul begins 12/15/19

doors close 12/14 @3pm PST

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I've been right where you're at, honey. You've given a lot to this person, this humxn you love, this humxn who is struggling with addiction. Some days you wonder if you've given too much. Some days you're deathly afraid you haven't given nearly enough. But you're emptying out. Your well, that energy flow (your life force!) which always felt so full and overflowing, is now low. So low. Too low.

Maybe you're just noticing that you've forgotten (or never really known) how to care for yourself. How to put yourself on your own priority list. You know how to over give (ancestral shit) and frankly, you're over it.

You have your own stuff too. Maybe you struggle with feeling worthy or good enough or that you have the support of the universe (or even just your friends and family). Maybe you overwork or numb out to Netflix or stay so busy that you can't possibly slow down to hear and see yourself. . . something you dearly want from others.

And maybe things feel ok, manageable, maybe even still good. You get flickers of hope in this relationship. . .every time you're at the end of your rope you get reeled back in.

Then you're back in the rhythm of //

  • making excuses for their behavior
  • not wanting to fight about it so you give in
  • keeping score
  • using manipulation as a tool because "normal" communication gets you nowhere
  • feeling self-righteous because you've done some inner work and it feels imbalanced
  • feeling exhausted and crushed from the broken promises
  • walking on eggshells because who knows what version of them you'll get
  • stuffing down your emotions because IT'S FINE

The slow whittling down of yourself to meet this other persxn who's so beautiful, so much potential, so saveable. You can taste how sweet it could be if they would just change.

It's a struggle because you're smart and aware and yet you can't figure out how to fix this.

Truth is, you can't. Not even if you're the best fixer.

But there's something you can do. And it's you.


I did this work and it saved me. The humxn I loved? He's now my husband, 7 years sober, and we're 14 years into this wild experiment of loving and living.

I don't promise any marriage or miraculous recovery.

I promise to show you what I know.
How I learned to fill up with grace, self-love and trust. How I learned wholeness.
It's what I've taught hundreds of humxns.

It's what got me through the toughest times when I didn’t even know myself anymore. Which, in essence, was the miracle I needed even more than my partner's sobriety.

Then you can take that new language and create your life with intention, courage, and a new way of loving yourself and others.

Whatever you do with that is up to you, but I’d love to show you the way forward (with a broken heart as the ever-wise Alice Walker reminds us.)

We can do this,


▲ For seven weeks, you'll be held in a sacred container where transformation of your oldest patterns will be possible. You'll cross a threshold and emerge changed.

△ This work brings together mindset mastery and profoundly tender soul exploration to grow your self-awareness, engage tested tools of transformation, and change lives.

▲ I'll be your guide, coach, cheerleader, road dog, champion. I have no designs for you ⏤ my work is to help you stand in your tender and ferocious power, returning to grace and self-love.

▽ My way forward began one day, twelve years ago, when I looked up and I didn't recognize myself. I was lost in a swirl of over-working, people-pleasing, and over-extending myself. The fact that my partner was descending into his own addictions was just a part of the whole swirl. His addiction to drinking and drugs. My addiction to the busy-ness.

▼  I found support and diligently began to work with my mindset, my emotions, and my energy.

▽ My journey wasn't a mystery and yours doesn't have to be either. The first step is committing to yourself (that's a boundary of self-love, honey).

▲ We all tell unconscious stories and linger too long in survival-mode.

△ Embrace your creative power. Affirm instead of deplete. You can learn how to gently release victim// martyr// savior patterns (that ancestral pain) and embrace a life of magic, joy, true appreciation, and vision.

▲ This is all teachable and learnable.


You'll learn (or peel back even more layers on) the big WHY you're stuck in these relationship patterns, how to break the psychic chains, and vision what you really want for yourself and your relationships.

We'll practice the skills and techniques you need to grow while truly supporting and centering your own mental// physical// emotional// spiritual well-being (guilt-free!), and you'll cultivate the know-how to put it all into aligned action.


Over 7 weeks, the group will meet 6 times for ~90 minutes of live coaching in an online, private, sacred portal.

the portal

You'll get homework assignments emailed to you after each session to prepare you for the next one and support the work we do in the group. Each live class will be recorded and the replay posted in our private portal. You will also have the opportunity to submit questions for the live classes even if you can't make it.


  • Name
    Kara Yanagida // light worker -  I'm finally giving myself permission to really shape my own path, and to let what needs to rise to the surface, truly manifest, instead of my normal inclination to just jump for whatever pops up first. I'm holding space for myself and committing to myself in an entirely new way, and part of that has been an incredible resurgence of faith in my true self to survive all of the fear and doubt and confusion, and come out even brighter and more full of life on the other side. I feel so much more confident in being able to trust myself now and as I move forward!
  • Name
    Betsy D // entrepreneur -  There is the way I saw the world and myself before Dana, and then there is now. The change is gracefully subtle, compassionate, and full of groundbreaking spirit - just like her. The work for me was a perfect combination of mind-bending big ideas and the small steps we can take to move towards them.

    This is life changing work, and Dana is an exceptional and rare spirit guide. I often wonder if a person has had a more profound impact on my life.
  • Name
    Jill Johnson // Design Project Manager -  I can honestly say finding Dana and the Getting Clear work has shifted my life in the most incredible ways this year! Breakthroughs that I never expected... the ones that let the light shine in. And, although the depths I’m diving into can sometimes be dark and scary to navigate...Dana continues to hold space for me on this wild and beautiful path. This work helps me to slow down, listen, dig deep or simply be with what is. Trusting myself to know what’s best for me. Giving ourselves the permission to know ourselves deeply is the greatest gift.


The curriculum is not a fixed point. This is an outline of our journey together. Within our sacred container I will be responding to stories that emerge and using the tools of shadow work, mindset mastery, emotional coherence, energy work and other supportive healing modalities so that INTO THE LIGHT is a completely unique and customized experience for those who are called to this work. You are not only guided through a process, you learn a new language of seeing, trusting, loving yourself.



Session 1 we map your inner landscape to understand how your thought/ emotional/ behavioral patterns have contributed to the reality you're currently experiencing. We open up the opportunity for you to take responsibility for what's yours (not anyone/everyone else's) so you can set the foundation for radical change.


Session 2 we build on the awareness work from the first session and lean into cultivating vision.  This work is so much more than what you want to DO or HAVE (not for a sustainable vision). We'll use a few different modalities to open your heart so you can let yourself really start to create a life aligned with the truth of who you really are.


Session 3 we build on the awareness & vision work and get to the heart of your unique catalyst for change. We let that guide us to your highly-curated personal key to transformation.


Session 4 we CHECK-IN. We review the process and the tools you've been working with and make observations and adjustments where necessary to keep you on your path.


Session 5 we go through the whole transformational process in 1 session! From start to finish we use everything you've been working with to get more intentional about your relationships.


Session 6 we integrate so that you can have space to process everything that has arisen through the work and have space to share about it, ask questions about it, and get support around any stuck energies. Or hell, just be celebrated and honored for your beautiful work.

You also get a morning and evening guided meditation to bookend your day and support you in creating a sacred container for your healing journey.


  • You're in a relationship with someone struggling with addiction (partner, friend, parent, sibling, etc) and you're ready to redirect your energy toward yourself and tend to your own healing journey.
  • You’ve been doing some inner work but feel there are deeper levels you need some guidance to access. Basically, you need support (+ maybe a support system upgrade).
  • You’re aware of the thought/emotional/behavioral patterns you have and you’re ready to stop repeating them over and over.
  • You know it's time to release the old stories (or whatever's been living rent free in your soul forever) from your consciousness.
  • You want to stop over-giving, have some damn boundaries, and communicate your desires & feelings without shame or guilt.
  • You feel curious, open, and willing to show up for yourself and your transformation.


  • You're looking for a quick fix. For yourself or your partner/relation. This is more a "align with the truth of who you really are over time" approach to healing.
  • You hope to learn/grow by osmosis.
  • You aren’t ready to take responsibility for what you're creating, how you're showing up in your relationships, and giving your power away.
  • You need a high level of individual support.
  • You're easily offended by swearing, references to smashing the patriarchy, dismantling white supremacy, and breaking down the oppressive systems of our world, in general.


How much time do I need to set aside for the course?

This is a 7-week live class with the opportunity to view the replays. I recommend devoting the 90-min to 2 hours for the class and at least an extra hour per week for the homework. That can include the suggested daily practices. You can, of course, always spend more time. And you likely will, because in a way you’ll be entering a new mind/heart space and the work will be happening in the background, even when you’re not fully focused on it.

Do you offer a guarantee/refund?

There are no refunds, so please take that into account when signing up.

Do you offer any scholarships?

There are a limited number of partial scholarships for BIPOC and Trans/GNC folx. If you’re interested, please email me using the chat icon on the lower right of this page with the subject SCHOLARSHIP and we’ll go from there.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have access to the course for the length of the program (6-weeks) + FOREVER. You’re welcome.

I won’t be able to attend all the sessions live, is it still worth it?

That’s really up to you. There will be guided teachings at the top of each session and then we’ll go into a discussion and a Q&A. All the live group coaching calls will be recorded and posted in the student portal for you to access at your convenience. Of course, there’s magic in joining live but you will absolutely be able to feel the container of group support even if you are watching the videos at a later time. And you can pre-submit questions so I can answer and you can get the teachings when you watch the replay. If that set-up feels supportive to you and where you’re at, then I’m looking forward to sharing this work with you.

What is the schedule for this program?

Session 1 will be on Sunday December 15 at 8:30am PST. We’ll go 5 Sundays in a row, and the 6th session will be 2 weeks after Session 5 on January 26, 2020. Replays of each session will always be available within 24 hours and posted in our group portal.

Oooh, is there a payment plan??

Sure is. Please note that if you select the payment plan and your card bounces for the 2nd payment, and is not rectified within 24 hours time, you will lose access to all aspects of the course immediately.

Is this course only for partners/relatives/friends of those struggling with addiction? What if I'm living with addiction and am in relationship with an addict?

To be clear, this course is not an alternative to AA or other addiction recovery frameworks. That being said, I’ve absolutely had clients and students struggling with addiction do this work and it’s been very supportive for their growth.

What if I have another question that isn't here?

No problemo! Just email me at dana@danabalicki.com and ask away! I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

are you ready to step into the light...shadows and all?

I'm ready.

doors close 12/14 @3pm PST



I'm coming at this work from my most vulnerable *gulp* and authentic place. My own life + the sacred work I'm here to do in the world.

I'm not a certified addiction expert. I'm a transformational coach & guide with 12+ years of my own intense spiritual journeying and 7 beautiful years with my own coaching practice where I've served hundreds of amazing humxns, including many addicts, folx in recovery, and those who are related to or in romantic partnerships with addicts.

I have 15+ years experience of being in relationship with addicts, including my husband.

The assumed/inherited anonymity of some recovery frameworks for partners/relatives/friends of those struggling with addiction isn't for everyone (FYI, I think Al-Anon is a beautiful support).

I'm here for the release of shame and hiding. For the connection and support many of us need.

I see addiction as just one way folx cope w/ the utter insanity of our world. We ALL have our coping mechanisms and they ALL have an expiration date.

I want us to step into the light...shadows and all.

Anything else you want to ask? Click that cute little chat icon and leave me a message!