READY TO make your biggest
life decisions with clarity, confidence, and courage?

You want CLARITY. On the big vision for your life...your work, relationships, money, body, emotions. YOUR CITY, All of it.

It's time to fall in love with your inner guide, stop asking everyone else, and create your best life.

Ready to be CLEAR? Learn how.

"i HATE TO ADMIT IT, BUT I guess I just don't really trust myself..."


(I hear this all the time, y'all)


  • Having the ability to call in a wildly fulfilling dream of yours and design your entire (yes, entire) life around it.
  • Knowing that if an unexpected life crisis happened, you'd confidently make decisions stemming from your deepest values.
  • Finally getting free from fear of not doing it right, and WAY more courage to be in aligned action.
  • Taking ownership over your decisions, actions, and releasing stuckness from supporting other people's dreams over your own.
  • Slowing down and still being wildly productive. But without the sacrifice, martyrdom, or victimhood...feeling the grace & ease.
  • Name
    Rohini Walker / writer + creator of Luna Arcana - I'm no newcomer to focused spiritual and emotional work and healing practices; but despite my years of experience, I had been feeling pretty consistently 'stuck' and 'blocked' for a while. I was ready to roll my sleeves up and get down to some intense inner work but I was feeling overwhelmed, confused and bewildered about where to begin.

    The insight, presence and authentic love with which Dana has facilitated and guided me into making the deep, deep shifts I have experienced over the months working with her leaves my heart singing with gratitude.
  • Name
    Luke Simon / healer - The work I did with Dana was an exploratory deep dive into my innermost self in such a beautiful way that allowed me to honestly see myself in a nonjudgmental way for the first time in my life.

    By the time we had completed our work together I had found a greater sense of self and a true connected partnership with the universe.
Learn how to get CLEAR
  • Name
    Life Escobar / storyteller, filmmaker, photographer - Dana helped me re-discover my light and with her I went on a radial journey of learning to love myself once again. Dana lovingly helped me re-write my story of who I am. She helped me see the stories that had unconsciously been running the show of my life for 20 years.

    I can now say that I deeply believe in my own worth, my power, and my capacity to create change, both for myself and for the world. Dana is the real deal, doing transformative healing work that our world needs.
  • Name
    Kalisa Augustine / energy artist - It was time for the next chapter of my life and I could not afford to be blindsided by my own sneaky, self sabotage. I wanted to hold myself accountable, and bring to light any issues hindering my ability to manifest. Working with Dana provided illumination.

    I was able to confront deeply held beliefs, in all areas of my life, that were holding me back. During that time my personal transformation was exponential, and I would recommend it to others ready to take on their own lives.



I help people like you, ever-evolving souls looking for clarity, confidence, and courage, so they can live a life of purpose and deep connection.

Years ago (*cough*eleven*cough*), I was burnt out and confused about how to align my life with what was most important to me, until I started slowing down and listening to my soul, my body, my truth.

I asked the universe for support and received it in the form of amazing humxns (Rha Goddess & JLove Calderon, David Gershon & Gail Straub just to name a few) who taught me (and held me through) the transformational work I now teach.

Now I live in the beautiful California desert where I get to be warm (key soul desire), do the work I'm here on the planet to do, surrounded by rich, loving relationships, and all with ease and grace.

I can’t wait to help you do it too (the whole connect-with-your-soul thing...not the crazy-desert-living thing...I mean, unless that's the dream!).

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